No matter where you live in Bowen, there is a beach very close to you. There is open access to the public in every waterfront neighbourhood. The most popular beaches on Bowen Island are Sandy, Tunstall Bay, and Bowen Bay. These beaches have more amenities (toilets, garbage cans, limited parking, and easy walking/stroller access). Any of these three beaches would be ideal for families going with toddlers, picnic supplies, or beach toys.

There are 6 neighbourhood beaches around the island. These beaches are primarily local neighbourhood families, but visitors are always welcome. Access to these beaches would be by steps and/or steep paths. There are no garbage cans, toilets, or extra parking. For these reasons, these beaches are ideal for mobile families and shorter visits. In every neighbourhood, beaches are marked open to the public with a green and white sign. They are the following beaches:

  • Deep Bay Pebbly Beach
  • Millers Miller’s Landing
  • Eagle Cliff Path (starts beside the Information Kiosk)
  • Hood Point Cates Bay (across the road from the private Hood Point Park)
  • Blue Water Crayola trail (at the end of Windjammer Road)
  • Bowen Bay (main beach also a neighbourhood beach)
  • Tunstall (main beach also a neighbourhood beach)
  • Queen Charlotte Heights September Morn. (at the end of Hummingbird Lane)