Bowen Island Marina

The marina, as well as The Pier, is located immediately to the right of the B.C. ferry dock. The Tackle Shop, Gifts on the Pier, and the Bowen Island Sea Kayaking are open year round. The Taco/Ice Cream shop is open from May until October. Additionally in the summer, there are activities on the Pier including live music and specialty artists. By the marina you can enjoy a clear view of Snug Cove and Howe Sound.

Snug Cove

Following the marina is the ‘old village’ of Snug Cove. While the cove was once the only shopping area, it is now home to many different shops. In Snug Cove you will find gift shops, a bakery, several cafes, the Union Steamship Marina, Doc Morgan’s Café and Pub, the Bowen Island Library, and the new Visitor Information Center. Also at the cove is the historic Davies Orchard area, which includes a 1920’s cottage museum, outdoor display, and heritage office. Snug Cove ends at the intersection located by the main grocery store.

Village Square

At the intersection that signals the end of Snug Cove, marks the beginning of Village Square. It is a newer shopping area including several real estate offices, an insurance service, the Bowen Post Office, a pharmacy, a hairdresser, a pet food store, a sushi shop, and gift shops. Village Square is also home to a specialty grocery store that places emphasis on healthy foods.

Artisan Square

Past Village Square, you can hike up to Artisan Square. Visitors can either choose to drive up Grafton Road or catch a shuttle bus to the last of Bowen’s shopping areas. The buildings in Artisan Square reflect the creativity of the island’s artistic community. Along with artists’ studios and galleries, there is a bakery/café, dollar store, florist cum gift shop, chocolatier, dress shop, office and courier service, goldsmith/jeweller, children’s centre, and a theatre school. Close by is Bowen’s Municipal Hall, the local gasoline service, a tool rental shop, and an automotive repair service.